Services in the tourism and retail business sectors

Vanderwesben GmbH offers a large variety of services and products from analyses, installation of systems and technology and training in how to use them, to support and maintenance. You, our client, decide which of our products and services you wish to benefit from. Our service to you includes quotes for products and services from third parties.


The scientific analysis from vanderwesben GmbH will help you to gain an overview of the current state of your business. With the results of our analysis, we will provide you with possible solutions to any problems and suggest ways to implement them. Here you can see the analyses that we consider to be the most important in the tourism and retail business sectors, with regards to marketing, sales and communication.

  • Analysis of booking channels
  • Analysis of customer reviews
  • Analysis of online presence
  • Analysis of social media presence
  • Analysis of client’s website


Vanderwesben GmbH runs training courses for you, your team and your employees. Knowledge is power! The aim of every business owner should be to maintain and further develop know-how within their business. When it comes to the marketing, sales and communication sectors, you can count on support from vanderwesben GmbH. Below is a small selection of the courses we offer:

  • Editing online materials
  • Managing room quotas
  • Managing guest reviews
  • Managing social media
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Presentation of wares

Installation and Set-Up

Vanderwesben GmbH can help you with the installation of new systems and technologies in the marketing, sales and communication sectors. A wide range of services are available to you as a client of our set-up and installation department. New systems and technologies are individually tailored for your business according to sector, product, target market as well as personal and financial means.

  • E-mail accounts
  • Set-up of a Facebook business page
  • Installation of Google My Business
  • Installation of a contact form on the business website
  • Newsletter Set-up

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance through vanderwesben GmbH is diverse and straightforward. You can choose the type and duration of support and und vanderwesben GmbH will deliver the service required right on schedule. Below are some types of support used by our clients:

  • Accounting support
  • Support of a photographer during photo-shoots
  • Support with using Facebook for advertising
  • Support with monitoring social media
  • Support with newsletter distribution
  • Web support